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Media Center Facelift

We are in need of a face lift - please help and support us!

In our media center, nothing much has changed in decades. Over time, walls and carpets turned moldy. Computers are old and so slow .. and chairs are wobbly and constantly out for repair. 

This year we started to raise money as a contribution for a long overdue makeover. Our goal is to raise an additional $50,000. 

The media center is our school community's "hang out" place. At times the only place, in doors, for students to meet, work on projects, do their home work and needed research on a computer. The center also serves for teachers, parents and community meetings.

What we need is
  • anti-mold treatment for walls and floors
  • new paint and carpets
  • upgraded furniture
  • a class room set of sturdy chairs
  • some changes to wall structures to create separate spaces
  • new computers  
Help Us to Achieve our Goal to Upgrade our Media Center! 
No donation is too small, please donate today!

Become a sponsor and receive acknowledgment on the center's honor board.
Gold $500
Silver $250
Bronze $100  

All donations are tax deductible.